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The PUBLIC available reports until now are the following:

  • WP2 SMEs Analysis. Report about SMEs limitations, barriers, experience, people skills and tools/information used to manage legislative requirements and environmental improvement of their products and processes. The results of an specific SMEs survey and  a bibliographic research on previous surveys  were presented.
  • WP3 Tools Analysis. Report about tools available in the market that deal with LCA, Eco-design, EMS and legislative compliance (e.g. complexity, time consuming, user expertise, etc.). Detailled analysis of most promising tools were developed focused on most relevant aspects for future LiMaS software tool.
  • WP4 Methodology Report. Report about the methodology and the public supporting tools developed to integrate, using a common approach, the different environmental aspects covered by the LiMaS project. These aspects are: product environmental assessment (LCA), Environmental Management System, Legislative compliance (RoHS, WEEE, REACH and Eco-design Directive), hazardous substances monitoring and environmental communication (eco-labels).

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