What is EuPeco-profiler?

EuPeco-profiler is a free-cost Life Cycle Assessment software tool for Energy-using Products (EuP). You could download the EuPeco-profiler User Manual from the Download area.

How can I get EuPeco-profiler?

Download EuPeco-profiler for free from this page.

For what is it helpful?

It is a tool for supporting Eco-Innovation in SMEs of the EuP sector and it allows identifying, quantifying and communicating the environmental profile of their Energy-using Products.

What basis does it use?

The tool uses the environmental database and it follows the rules and criteria defined in the MEEuP Methodology, developed by VHK for the European Commission (MEEuP Methodology Report, Final / 28.11.2005 / VHK for EC). This methodology is being used in the preparatory studies of the EuP Directive (2005/32/CE), repealed by the new ErP Directive (2009/125/CE).

What kind of benefits could it provide to your enterprise?
  • Quickly and easily knowledge of the environmental impacts associated to your products/processes, considering their complete life cycle (e.g. carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Identification, quantification and prioritisation of the most relevant environmental aspects of your products/processes to focus your improvement efforts on them
  • Comparison, from an environmental point of view, of different design alternatives and communication of results in a quantitative way
  • Alignment with future implementing measures associated to the ErP Directive
How does it work?

STEP 1.- CHARACTERISATION: The user inputs the information related to its product considering its complete life cycle (manufacturing, distribution, use and end-of-life). The data entry screen allows the selection of different materials and processes using dropdown lists. The software database includes 159 materials and processes of the EuP sector. The user could define the level of detail of each study, adding flows and sub-flows to the product structure.


STEP 2.- INDICATORS: The user selects the environmental impact indicators that he wants to asses from a list of 16 indicators. Among others, this list includes global warming potential (carbon footprint), electricity requirement, waste generation, water use, etc


STEP 3.- RESULTS: The tool calculates the selected environmental impact indicators for each material or process considered in the CHARACTERISATION step. These results can be aggregated / disaggregated and they can be presented as value or percentage. It allows also highlighting the most relevant scores using the "significance assessment" function.


STEP 4.- GRAPHICS: The tool displays graphically the contribution of each material or process in each environmental impact indicator (in percentage), considering the different life-cycle phases. The user could decide which material, process or life-cycle phase wants to display in order to focus the assessment on the most significant factors in its case.

Which are the main characteristics of EuPeco-profiler?
  • user-friendly tool for technicians, not required to be an LCA expert
  • easy modification and creation of new products/processes to be assessed
  • user decides the level of detail of data entry/results
  • easy interpretation of results through menus, tables and graphics
  • direct exportation of results to spreadsheets and image format
  • other users in the company could share and access to the same information
  • tool development based in MEEuP and LCA ISO standards (14040/44:2006)
  • the tool could be customised to specifics needs, such as other databases (please contact SIMPPLE)