LiMaS – Life Cycle Innovation & Management for SMEs (EuP & EEE)

The objective of this project (LiMaS) is to supply to SMEs a practical Methodology and a Web application that help them to integrate life cycle thinking and eco-innovation in their business. Additionally, to facilitate this integration, an already commercial software tool (LCAmanager®) will be improved by including this methodology, which will increase its market potential. The software will be offered through a restricted area in the public web application. The target group are SMEs that manufacture Energy-using Products (EuP) and/or Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and components.

The innovative aspect of this project is that users (SMEs) will be able to manage different environmental topics (for example: Life Cycle Assessment, Ecodesign, legislative requirements, Environmental Product Declarations, quantification of most significant environmental aspects, etc.) using a common approach (for example: gathering and input the needed data only once) and without being an environmental expert. The clear environmental results to be obtained and the associated information about Best Available Technologies (BAT) and Eco-design Guidelines will support the eco-innovation of their products and processes, and help companies to be more competitive.