Work Packages

  • WP1.- Management (project coordination, meetings, quality checking, etc.)
  • WP2.- SMEs analysis (survey of at least 50 SMEs to better define their needs and limitations)
  • WP3.- Tools analysis (revision of tools available in the market, limitations, user-friendliness, etc.)
  • WP4.- Methodology definition (definition of how SMEs should proceed to cover different environmental aspects
    cc(e.g. RoHS, REACH, EPD, EMS, Ecodesign, etc.) using current data and spending the minimum resources)
  • WP5.- Software tool improvement (improvement of an existing commercial software tool – LCAmanager® – by
    ccintegrating the methodology approach on it -algorithms and data processing-)
  • WP6.- Methodology/Software testing (real application and implementation in four Spanish and one German SMEs)
  • WP7.- Web application development (deployment of all this data/information in a web application)
  • WP8.- Exploitation & dissemination (results dissemination & commercial exploitation of the software)
  • WP9.- Common dissemination activities (Dissemination activities required by EACI)
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